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Marrakech, Morocco . Tripoli, Sabratha & Leptis Magna, Libya . Petra, Jordan . Dubai, United Arab Emirates . Taj Mahal & Udaipur, India . Kashgar, China . Istanbul, Turkey

Crisscross Asia, the Near East and North Africa by private jet, linking fascinating market cities along history's great trade routes.

Transporting tea, spices, silk and gold, these byways also conveyed ideas, art, language and religion.in a word: Civilization.

Experience legendary cities where the ancient world mingles with the modern - from the cultural melting pot of Merrakech to exotic Instanbul.

Be among the first to explore Libya's Leptis Magna and among the few Westerners to barter and trade in the amazing old-world market in Kashgar.

Walk paths tod by Nabataeans thousands of years ago in Petra. Delight in the landscapes and Rajasthani art of Udaipur, and cruise aboard a traditional dhow in Dubai, in Persian Gulf's "City of Gold."

Only now - by private jet - can you experience the world's cultural evolution in these ten magnificent destinations on a single expedition.

Private Jet As Magic Carpet

Private jet travel offers a world of benefits that include:
  • Linking many of the world's remote, must-see places on a single trip
  • Bringing together a team of expert lecturers, an expedition physician, a private chef and a superb staff to handle every detail
  • Providing superb comfort, safety and convenience
  • Eliminating the hassles of commercial travel
  • Taking you places you only dreamed of

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Oct 10-27, 2006

17 days

$36,950 Double
$40,550 Single

Early Booking Bonus:
Book before Jan 15, 2006
and save $1850/person
($3700 per couple!)

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