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Private Jet Adventures
TCS Expeditions' mission is to be the world leader in expedition travel to the most remote destinations on earth, combining creative itineraries, top-quality service and facilities along with educational programs to create remarkable travel experiences.

TCS Expeditions offers a travel experience unlike any other. Since their first around-the-world program by private jet in 1995, TCS Expeditions has taken travelers to more than 60 countries, including some of the world's most remote and exotic destinations.
Private jet travel allows TCS Expeditions to connect the highlights of each country and continent in safety and comfort. Fly directly to your destination, bypassing busy airports, avoiding layovers and traveling only by TCS Expedition's schedule. An experienced crew stays with you throughout each expedition.

Education is key to each expedition. A team of expert lecturers travels on each expedition allowing for the combination of first-hand experience and extensive knowledge of the regions you visit. These experts help create a rich context for each journey.

Local officials and dignitaries meet with travelers at stops along the way, increasing the scope of your knowledge and awareness. Comprehensive destination notes and reading lists provide important pre-departure information. Lecturers vary for each departure and are chosen from diverse fields, including art history, archaeology, anthropology, biology, economics, geology, geography and history.

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Private Jet Expeditions is a unique concept in travel that allows you to plan custom trips for small groups anywhere in the world. These unique custom programs encompasses TCS Expedition's trademark educational component, expert and responsive staff, high-quality standards and luxurious accommodations.

We Control the Quality and Safety of Our Transportation
Our private Boeing 757 is ideal for exploring the world's far corners. It offers unmatched safety, long-range capabilities, access to smaller airports, and an interior customized for maximum comfort. Not limited by regular commercial routes or schedules, we fly direct, bypass busy airports and avoid layovers, crisscrossing continents and countries with ease. We set our own schedules and, because we fly during the day, arrive refreshed and ready to explore. And we enjoy special privileges, including expedited boarding, luggage handling, and Customs and Immigration formalities.

The Boeing 757 is unsurpassed among today's jetliners for safety and has a 99 percent reliability rate for operating without mechanical delays. Our private jet is operated and maintained by First Choice Airways (previously Air 2000), founded in the United Kingdom in 1987 and voted "U.K. Charter Airline of the Year" in 2002 by aviation industry peers. Carrying more than seven million passengers on more than 30,000 flights a year, First Choice Airways is one of the U.K.'s largest airlines and is consistently recognized for its high level of safety, performance and service.

First Choice Airways monitors access to the jet and baggage at all times. Every piece of luggage is screened and identified with a security tag and remains under the watchful eyes of our staff and security officers. Find out more about our safety and security program.

An Expedition Physician Travels With Us
An experienced expedition physician accompanies each journey and is on-call to passengers 24 hours a day.

An International Crew, Fine Fare and Customized Interior Create a First-Class Expedition Experience
Accompanying our expedition is an experienced, international crew, including nine cabin attendants, three pilots, two engineers, an airport liaison officer, a chef and a catering assistant. The flight crew remains with us throughout the trip so we are welcomed aboard after each stop with warm smiles and familiar faces. Experienced expedition leaders also accompany the group for our comfort and peace of mind.

In-flight meals are graciously served on china and linen. Carefully chosen menus and wine lists accommodate a range of tastes. Dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients and special emphasis is placed on food safety by our chef and catering assistant.

Seminars in the Sky Prepare Us for Adventures on Land
Our lecturers deliver in-flight presentations, using an audio system and conveniently placed overhead monitors. An on-board library of books and publications relating to each destination is available during flight

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Call us at: 905-857-1556 or 800-563-2338
Or send us an email at: customercare@explorata.ca

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