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Explorata is a brand of travel products handpicked to cater to the specific needs of the discerning traveler who is craving unique, authentic traveling experiences. We focus on the particular needs of travelers who prefer a more intimate, authentic view of the landscape, whether it be cultural, gastronomic, artistic or scenic.

We believe that our most important role is to create the conditions in which spontaneity can flourish, for it is in this space where the magic of personal re-invention occurs. Rather than replicating cookie- cutter experiences for the mass market, we have chosen trips that are a unique thing-unto-itself, a serendipitous blend of individuals, circumstances and the alchemy of spontaneous interaction.

We believe that enjoying life's pleasures is one of the privileges of a productive and hard working life. Investing in travel is an essential part of a full and rewarding life. It offers a chance to go outside our regular lives and learn more about this planet that we share with the rest of humanity. Discovery, both internal and external, is an essential part of life's path.

Our trips are authentic, unique and deeply personal. We encourage our travelers to go beyond the limits of their normal lives, to slow down, to get lost, to take a risk, to try something new, and our greatest joy comes from seeing you re-invent yourself on every journey.

At Explorata, we take the bewildering array of choices that everyone seems to pass off as "luxury" these days and distil them into something comprehensible, allowing you to make intelligent decisions about the things that matter and not worry about the rest.

We invite you to rediscover the romance of travel with us.

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