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The voyage begins and ends in Papeete, Tahiti, the iconic island of the Pacific dream. Envision if you will the evocative paintings of Paul Gauguin, a Paris stockbroker who ditched it all to pursue his art in Tahiti. Gauguin's images of exuberant outdoor settings with vivid lagoons and statuesque palms will become the backdrop of voyage.

You will begin your expedition in the Society Islands, which embody the laid-back lifestyle and dazzling surroundings of the South Pacific you've only dreamed of. Here you'll see beautiful beaches, colorful reefs, and hip-swinging dancers, and engage in excellent diving and nature hikes. Let yourself go in this tropical paradise!

Entering the Tuamotus Archipelago, you'll learn about the history of the Kon Tiki voyage, explore a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and swim and dive in the blue grotto of Makatea. As you journey on through the truly spectacular Marquesas Islands, you'll have plenty of opportunities for more water activities, as well as a beach barbeque and bonfire on the striking island of Fatu Hiva. At Nuku Hiva, those wishing to commune with their surroundings can escape in a kayak at the Bay of Hatiheu, which offers stunning scenery along the way.

Next you set sail for the King George Group, where you visit a pair of islands you'd be hard-pressed to find on any map. A perfect spot for snorkeling, diving and enjoying the beach and sweeping, sapphire lagoon.

Enjoy on this cruise:
  • Zodiac Cruising
  • Birdwatching
  • Wildlife Watching
  • Welcome Dances
  • Island Culture
  • Walking
  • Diving
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking

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Sept 30 - Oct 14, 2006

15 days/13 nights

From $7690 USD/person

About Lindblad Expeditions
Lindblad Expeditions turns vacationers into explorers. Small groups set sail on nimble expedition ships and voyage to unique destinations around the globe, going places luxury liners can't. A roster of celebrated Expedition Leaders and naturalists will guarantee every minute of every day of every expedition is different from the last. Come aboard and discover a world of adventure travel you never knew existed.

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