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What makes Horizon special?

Travel Expertise
We believe that sharing expertise is about making choices. We take the bewildering array of choices that everyone seems to pass off as "luxury" these days and distil them into something comprehensible, allowing you to make intelligent decisions about the things that matter and not worry about the rest.

Our planners have been travelling the world for over 40 years in search of hidden treasures, and their discoveries and secrets are built in to every trip. Our guides themselves have unsurpassed local and cultural knowledge, they can anticipate almost every need, and they are always happy to provide you with the insight necessary to make informed choices.
  • Although everyone claims to be experts, we believe that 41 years of experience is something to brag about;
  • We obsess over every detail so that our travellers can cut right to the chase rather than wasting valuable time;
  • We deliver local knowledge and insight as a matter of course, but we are inspired by the undiscovered gems.

Travel Style: Classic vs. Exploratory
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Tangible Value
In terms of value, we believe that price is what people are willing to pay for something, but value is what it's worth. Part of the value of a Horizon trip comes from the pixie dust that our staff sprinkle liberally on every departure, a little dusting of magic that animates the journey. It also comes from the hard reality of costs and our ability to negotiate rates that simply aren't available to individual travellers.

The combination of magic and reality combine to form exceptional value, and we never play the game of over-promising and under delivering. If we don't exceed your expectations, we're not doing our jobs. We guarantee that you get what you pay for - and then some.
  • Although our trips are not cheap, we believe that value always triumphs over price;
  • We include virtually every cost so that our travellers can focus on relaxing, not reaching into their wallets;
  • We deliver tangible value as a given, but we get inspired by the intangible value that creates magic.
Creature Comforts
We believe that enjoying life's pleasures is one of the privileges of a productive and hard working life. We don't pursue luxury for its own sake, but we also don't mind enjoying its fruits from time to time.

We choose accommodation that is designed to provide a welcome respite at the end of a day of exploration, and however many stars it has, it is always the best available. We plan superb table d'hôte meals designed to reflected the local bounty, and we cut loose on a la carte menus when the chef can do it justice. We arrange transportation with an eye to the most appropriate blend of comfort and speed, and thus you will find yourself in travelling by helicopters to hovercrafts and everything in between.
  • Although everyone has different expectations, we calibrate our luxury to the needs of our travellers;
  • We prefer an atmosphere of country club elegance over stiff formality (although we still like to dress up from time-to-time);
  • We deliver a finely-tuned balance between indulgence and authenticity, entertainment and experience.
Personal Flexibility
We believe that our most important role is to create the conditions in which spontaneity can flourish, for it is in this space where the magic of personal re-invention occurs. Rather than replicating cookie-cutter experiences for the mass market, we believe that no two trips should ever be the same. Each trip should be a unique thing unto itself, a serendipitous blend of individuals, circumstances and the alchemy of spontaneous interaction. Every Horizon experience should be equally authentic, unique and deeply personal. We encourage our travellers to go beyond the limits of their normal lives, to slow down, to get lost, to take a risk, to try something new, and our greatest joy comes from seeing them re-invent themselves on every journey.
  • Although everyone wants choice, it's dangerous to navigate without an expert who knows the waters;
  • We give our guides autonomy and authority so that they can focus on our travellers rather than head office;
  • We deliver the benefits of travelling with like-minded companions without the cost of being treated like a mindless herd.
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