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Horizon offers two unique styles of trips - Classic and Exploratory
The Classic Series is designed to transport you back to the era of old-world romance and adventure, when doing the "Grand Tour" of Europe was an essential part of a complete education and two weeks at sea was a brief journey. The itineraries are designed with a focus on maximizing value to allow you to see as many sights as possible at a reasonable pace in relative comfort without having to worry about the details.

The Exploratory Series is designed to immerse you in the character of a place, to allow you to slow down, go deep, and participate in something is authentic, meaningful and real. The itineraries are designed with a focus on personal freedom to allow you to savour experiences, haggle in the marketplace, linger over meals, lunge around the pool, curl up with a book, and imbibe wine with the locals at the café.

Classic Series
The Classic Series of trips are designed around the cultural hubs and highlights of the world, places where everyone should visit at least once in their lives, and the style of travel is elegant without being opulent, refined without being pretentious, and insightful without being tiresome.

The hotels cover the gamut from the grand dames of the colonial era (The Mount Nelson in Capetown, the Imperial in Delhi, etc) to rustic lodges in superb locations, with a focus on combining character with convenience.

Travel Style: Classic vs. Exploratory
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Meals are well-balanced and light, local experts are knowledgeable and engaging, events are designed to stimulate and inform, and the transportation is comfortable and safe. The Horizon guides on our Classic series are the veterans of many journeys, experts at taking care of the needs of our travellers, navigating the challenges of international travel, and nurturing the sort of camaraderie that can last a lifetime.

The typical Classic traveller was born pre-war in the shadow of the Depression (i.e. 65+); likes easy to light activity; enjoys the camaraderie of a group over time on their own; prefers finding value over pampered indulgence; and seeks to combine cultural highlights with safety and security.

Exploratory Series
The Exploratory Series of trips are built around a narrative arc that varies depending on the specific place and theme (cultural sampling in Vietnam, literary exploration in Krakow, theatrical insight in New York, culinary adventures in Tuscany, etc), and the style of travel is sophisticated without being snobby, luxurious without being nouveau, stimulating without being irritating, stylish without being slavish.

The accommodation tends to be small, intimate and upscale (small yachts Vs big cruise ships, boutique hotels Vs international chains, Relais & Chateaux Vs Leading Hotels of the World), with a focus on charm and character over modern amenities. The meals are designed to showcase regional specialties, local experts take us behind the scenes to the real action, events are designed to be intimate and exclusive, and the transportation is designed for maximum comfort and flexibility.

The architecture of the trip is designed with personal freedom in mind to allow you to savour experiences, haggle in the marketplace, linger over meals, lounge around the pool, curl up with a book, and imbibe wine with the locals at the cafe. The Horizon guides are masters of discrete service, know all the best local watering holes, and understand how to cater to almost every interest and whim.

The typical Exploratory traveller was born in the post-war boom of endless opportunity (i.e. 45+); likes moderate to challenging activity; enjoys personal moments of serendipity; prefers splurging on experiences over saving for retirement; and seeks to combine spiritual fulfillment with sensory stimulation.

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