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It's Simply The Best Way To Travel
Since 1962, A&K has been doing one thing exceptionally well. We specialize in matching unique people with unique places, and in providing the expertise and (unobtrusive) support that allows them to experience those places fully, at first hand and in their own personal style.

It's simply the best way to travel. And it requires a unique combination of local knowledge and global organization that only Abercrombie & Kent is equipped to provide.

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The travel industry is filled with companies who own only their brochures and a handful of contracts with independent suppliers overseas. In contrast, A&K has its own network of offices (48 and counting) across the globe, staffed full time by A&K professionals. We own and operate luxury camps and lodges in remote destinations to ensure that our clients have access to the best.

And we draw on the knowledge, humor and creativity of an incredible team of staff members and local "friends of A&K," to bring you face-to-face with an Antarctic iceberg the size of Chartres Cathedral, or make it possible for you to walk around Chartres itself with an expert on its stained glass. To set you down for a private picnic a deux in the middle of the African savannah or give you and the children your own tropical island for a day.

Experience does count. Ours will make yours unforgettable.

A&K Choice
"One size fits all?" Not with Abercrombie & Kent. Everyone has a personal travel style, and we offer itineraries to match. Whether you are interested in travelling independently or as part of an escorted group of like-minded individuals, A&K has the ability to meet your expectations.

If you prefer, A&K can design a unique Tailor Made itinerary just for you. Literally anything is possible!

Do you have a "dream vacation" you've always been planning to take someday? That day can be now. Or perhaps you'd prefer an itinerary built around a hobby or other special interest, like music, train travel or cooking classes? A&K's travel experts can easily create a one-of-a-kind program based on your personal specifications, with as much or as little support as you like from A&K's global network of guides and services.

The World's Best Tour Directors
A&K escorts are impeccable hosts - experienced, university-educated, intelligent professionals who are also charming travelling companions. They are excellent guides because they themselves are personally interested in the people, places and leitmotifs of your journey. Many of our competitors' escorts live in the U.S. and venture overseas only when their work takes them there. A&K's Tour Directors are long-time residents of the countries in which they travel.

With their local contacts and specialty knowledge, they take you far beyond "picture postcards" to show you a real, live world of personal experience and discovery.

"By Invitation Only."
Many travel companies claim to provide their guests with "insider access" overseas, but what does it really mean? Travel with us and you'll find yourself passing through doors that remain firmly closed to the public at large. Since 1962, A&K has been building good relationships in every destination we visit. Our name is respected around the world, and our travellers are treated accordingly. When the uncrowded "back door" into Angkor Wat opens for us, or a Kiwi family invites us into their home for dinner in New Zealand, we're proud to be able to offer a privileged point of view available only from A&K.

Private Transfers... Anytime
"Transfers on arrival and departure" means different things to different tour companies. Usually, if you're travelling with a group, you must arrive (and depart) on one specific flight, on one specific date, to "qualify" for a transfer. If you want to arrive early or stay on after your group itinerary has ended, you're on your own.

Not so with A&K. Whether you're travelling independently or as part of a group, we'll arrange for a private airport transfer whenever you choose to arrive or depart: any flight, any day, any time. And when you land - we'll make certain that your room is available for immediate check-in.
Revolutionary Service
A&K offers its much acclaimed and enjoyed Travelling Bell Boy® service on nearly all our programs in Europe. Simply leave your suitcase in your room and depart for a day of sightseeing and your next location. Your Travelling Bell Boy® collects your suitcases and transports them to your next hotel where they are waiting in your room when you arrive! For independent travellers whose journey includes rail travel, A&K's revolutionary Concierge Rail Service features an escort who accompanies you to the train station, ensuring that you are settled on the right train and into your pre-reserved first class seat while organizing your luggage.

A More Personal Touch
With an average of just 12 to 15 travellers (sometimes even less) and a maximum of 24 on our Connoisseurs Series, A&K groups are small enough to facilitate personal contact among group members, and undivided attention from your Tour Director.

These smaller numbers also result in access to quaint restaurants off the beaten track, and discerning hotels that refuse large groups. Independent travellers are looked after by their personal "Guardian Angel," hand selected and on site to attend to your every need throughout your stay.

The Smallest Groups
Who wants to travel in a crowd? You may find that others' escorted programs - some with 40+ participants - are a little less expensive but, frankly, you get what you pay for. A&K limits the number of travellers on its Connoisseurs Series departures to a maximum of 24. In other categories the average is even lower: 15, 12 or less. The effect on your travel experience is marked.

Small groups make a one-to-one relationship with your Tour Director possible.they allow you to eat at authentic restaurants and stay at charming, intimate hotels where large groups cannot or will not be accommodated. they bring you into contact with the world, not as part of an anonymous crowd, but as an individual meeting individuals.

Freedom To Choose
Excellent meals ought to be a high point of every holiday. So it's important to know not just how many meals are included in the cost of your program, but what kind. Must you eat from a set menu, or can you choose what you like? On many competitors' trips, set menus are the inflexible rule. A&K offers more freedom. Sometimes we'll take you to spectacular "white-tablecloth" restaurants, or casual waterside bistros. Sometimes you'll set off on your own with a recommendation to a favorite satay stall, or floating seafood palace. In many locations, our popular ą la carte option allows you to dine when, where and with whom you choose, at A&K's expense.

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Great A&K Destinations - Brochures
A&K maintains its quality by operating over 30 offices around the world. The local offices assure that there is always experienced, knowledgeable, first-hand staff to take care of your every need whether you are on a brochure tour or a private, custom itinerary.

As their range of travel opportunities is comprehensive, we can't possibly cover them in adequate detail on our site. Please review the range of destinations and travel choices below and then contact us to send you a brochure for any of these A&K travel opportunities:

  • Africa (legendary Safari Operator)
  • Botswana
  • Private Tented Safaris
  • The Middle East
  • The Orient
  • Europe
  • South America & Central America
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Alaska
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Royal Scotsman
  • Sea Cloud
  • Family Holidays
  • A&K Active
  • Canal & River Cruising in Europe
  • Just a Week Away
  • River Rafting
  • Ranch Vacations in the American West
  • Explorer Cruises in the North Atlantic
  • Explorer Cruises in Antarctica
  • Explorer Cruises in the Amazon

Call us at: 905-857-1556 or 800-563-2338
Or send us an email at: customercare@explorata.ca

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