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Our Classic Family Journeys feature fascinating itineraries designed to satisfy the curiosity, energy levels and attention spans of multiple generations. We include activities for the whole family plus chaperoned kids-only events. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the company of other families, celebrate a family milestone, or bond with your children or grandchildren.

See the world through younger eyes on a family vacation with Classic Journeys.
You rediscover the fun of family travel when you take the kids - or grandkids - on a family adventure vacation with Classic Journeys. Suddenly, ancient ruins are for climbing on. Bocci ball and boules become games for playing rather than spectating on a family holiday in Italy or a France family holiday with Classic Journeys. Rivers are for rafting on our Montana family vacation, and alpine tram rides turn into joy rides.

Classic Journeys can help create the best family vacations, allowing your family to make memories together that they'll be telling their own children and grandchildren about for years.

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Sicily - Island in the Sun
You have all of the fun and none of the fuss on a Classic Journeys family vacation.
Okay - long-distance trips with kids aged 7 to 13 can be a challenge. The beauty of a family adventure vacation with Classic Journeys is that each was designed to match the curiosity, energy levels and attention spans of fledgling travelers.

Once on a family adventure, distances are short enough to prevent "Are we there yet?" We've scouted out cool stuff like a nighttime safari, mountain biking on the wide medieval walls of an Italian city, and rafting down the Flathead River. Choose our family vacation package and get your hands dirty in craft sessions with local artisans.and join kid-sensitive tours of must-see landmarks. And if you worry about picky appetites, stop. We find the local specialties kids love - pizza, fondue, picnic fare - as well as plenty of chances for the adventuresome to try new tastes.

Relax, kids. On Classic Journeys' family vacations we take good care of parents and grandparents too.
You'll be escorted by local guides who specialize in family travel and the care and feeding of both children and adults. When the younger ones go their carefully-tended way, we offer adults-only activities you won't find on a typical family vacation package - wine tastings, longer walks and gourmet dinners at the finest restaurants. We choose fine inns and hotels for their comfort as well as their family-friendliness. When you join us on a family adventure vacation, you never have to sacrifice the pleasure you take in travel to accommodate the kids. Everyone is in good hands on a Classic Journeys family vacation.

Family-friendly prices.
On a Classic Journeys family adventure vacation, kids get a break even before you leave home. When sharing a room with 2 full-paying guests, kids ages 11-16 receive a 20% discount, ages 7-10 receive a 30% discount, ages 3-6 receive a 50% discount, and ages 2 or younger receive a 75% discount. When kids ages 16 or younger share a room with one full-paying guest, kids receive a 10% discount.

Don't see a family adventure that works? We offer custom family travel, too.
We'll be happy to put together a private family adventure or even custom design a trip for your family. Several of our trips can accommodate families with younger children. We can often arrange supervision for the littlest ones so that older siblings and adults can maximize their fun.

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