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1. Traveling by private jet is the only way to visit so many exotic countries on a single three-week journey. TCS Expeditions takes you to ten or more thrilling, hard-to-reach sites on each unique expedition.

"Our time away from our careers is limited . . . It would have taken months to do a similar trip without the private jet."

Jose F., Around the World

2. Travel direct from country to country in deluxe comfort. Since we're not tied to commercial routes and schedules, we fly during the day in our custom-fitted Boeing 757, arriving at each destination rested and ready to explore.

"Would absolutely recommend this or any other TCS trip. Private jet is the only way I'll travel from now on."
Elizabeth C., History's Lost Cities

3. Safety and security are top concerns. The Boeing 757 has a 99 percent reliability rate for operating without mechanical delays, and access to the jet and baggage is screened and monitored at all times.

"We felt safe and confident that all our needs would be taken care of."
Louis L., Around the World

14 Reasons to fly with TCS
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4. Customize your journey to match your special interests. We offer a variety of optional destinations and excursions designed to indulge your travel passions, whether you enjoy photography, visiting with local schoolchildren, hiking or collecting local handicrafts.

"The local arrangements were amazing, even miraculous some days."
Elizabeth H., Ancient Silk Road

5. Superb lecturers and local experts enrich your experience. Expanding your knowledge of a region's history, art, architecture and natural sciences increases your enjoyment. And our private jet has been specially equipped for in-flight lectures and briefings.

"The lecturers combined loads of information with wonderful senses of humor."
Rosa C., History's Lost Cities

6. Enjoy exclusive privileges from private dinners, visits with dignitaries, behind-the-scenes glimpses at museums and monuments to surprise celebrations, impromptu discussions and many more "extras" made possible through our years of experience and trusted relationships in each country.

"The parties were extraordinary! And the gifts so appreciated!"
Don C., Around the World

7. Our crew pampers you aboard the jet, while you savor delicious meals prepared by our private chef and other deluxe amenities while you fly.

"Returning to the plane felt like coming back home."
Ronald M., History's Lost Cities

8. An expedition physician travels with you, ready to meet your needs at any time of day or night.

"The staff was exceptional. Tremendous energy and concern for the group."
Alfred R., History's Lost Cities

9. You are often whisked hassle-free through international arrivals, avoiding long lines while we handle your baggage, fill out your forms and manage the many details of world travel for you.

"We were so very impressed at the rapidity with which you were able to clear us through Customs and Immigration at each stop."
Helen R., Around Africa

10. Stay at the finest available hotels, enjoy dine-around opportunities at many stops and daily surprises in each location.

"The program surpassed anything I expected - and I have been traveling the world for 50 years!"
Marie T., Around Africa

11. An advance team makes sure that everything has been perfectly arranged. Advance staff land at each destination before you do, going over each detail ahead of time, ensuring a smooth experience at each stop.

"In years of world-wide travel to 158 countries, this tour was, without exception, the most superbly planned, organized, and executed trip I have ever been on."
Eileen P., History's Lost Cities

12. Experienced expedition leaders take the guesswork out of remote travel, leaving you free to enjoy every moment of your journey.

"This was a star-studded staff, including several of TCS's best - and that standard is always very high."
Jim R., Unforgettable India

13. Your money is safe. TCS Expeditions protects all passenger payments in secure bank escrow accounts. Funds may be confirmed at any time with the National Bank of Commerce. We also provide $50,000 medical evacuation insurance for every traveler on each expedition.

"It's the best organized company we have ever worked with. They are awesome in their planning!!"
Carl W., Around Africa

14. There's no substitute for experience. Having operated more than 80 private jet trips to more than 80 countries in the past 10 years, we're proud to be known as the world leader in private jet expeditions.

"TCS Expeditions is truly 'over the top' and in a class above all others in its ability to provide the discerning traveler with the finest expeditions possible."
Patricia G., Around Africa


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