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Welcome to one of the most breathtaking vacation experiences imaginable. Designed for the most discriminating traveler, Buddy Bombard's Europe presents finely tuned escorted holidays to Europe's most fascinating historical and cultural venues all packaged around daily low-level excursions in a 9-story high balloon across the regions' most beautiful and picturesque countryside.

The journeys are intentionally designed to be small, intimate affairs wrapped in first-class splendor, topped off by gourmet dining and attentive, professional hosts. The elegance and charm relished by European sojourners for centuries is captured for our guests through the selection of the finest first-class hotel accommodations.

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Daily sightseeing and ballooning activities offer an insight into European culture, its people and landscape that many explorers never encounter. Our legendary balloon landings, sometimes in the shadow of a medieval castle, are shared and celebrated with the local people. Guided visits to major cultural and tourist attractions, carefully chosen for cultural diversity and quality, complete each day's adventures.
Come join Buddy Bombard's Europe and explore Europe in the most elegant and aristocratic style imaginable. Meet the many friends we have made over 26 years, from chateau owners to friendly farmers and wine cellar masters. They are regular passengers in our balloons and take great pleasure in helping us show you a very private and fun-filled Europe.

There's Something About Ballooning
The inflation of our giant balloons is by itself a memorable spectacle. Our low-level flights are full of delightful discoveries. We call them "aerial nature walks." Frequently we float low enough to pick leaves off the tops of trees and even to speak to people in their gardens as we slowly drift by. When you arrive in a nine-story-high balloon, you aren't exactly sneaking into town. That makes our spirited landing celebrations, shared with the local people, all the more famous and full of fun.

Aristocracy & Just Plain Folks
Your trip presents many opportunities to meet and talk with the friendly people of the European countryside, as well as some of Europe's most colorful aristocrats. We often make frequent landings during a flight to visit with fascinated local people who find us, not just ordinary tourists, but very interesting travelers. The instant friendship and generous hospitality we are able to generate for our guests by landing at castles, farmhouses and in picturesque villages in giant flower decorated balloons is legendary. We are frequently invited right into private homes and really do "meet the people."

The very nature of our trips attracts an interesting type of person. They are eager to reach out for a meaningful travel experience. In sharing the unusually delightful adventures we create, our guests frequently comment on the pleasing sense of camaraderie they find traveling with us.

Fine Dining & Fine Wine
Excellent food and brilliant presentation are central to every meal served on our journeys. Great effort is taken to arrange each luncheon and dinner in a different setting providing as wide a range as possible to sample the very best cuisine of each region. Regional wines, complimenting the cuisine, are served daily with lunch and dinner.

Art & Culture and Other Attractions
Guided visits to major cultural and tourist attractions, carefully chosen for cultural diversity and quality, comprise two thirds of each day.

Luxurious Accommodations
The elegance and charm relished by European sojourners for centuries is captured for our guests through the selection of the finest first-class hotel accommodations. Relais & Chateaux Hotel properties are used whenever possible.

Extraordinary Level of Service
We take great pleasure in offering our guests extremely well planned and delivered programs wrapped in first-class splendor. There are nearly as many Bombard staff members on each trip as there are guests, and our pilots not only fly your balloon, they also accompany you every step of your trip-all to assure our guests a wonderful and memorable experience.

Above All, There's Buddy
Buddy Bombard's Europe was founded 26 years ago by Buddy Bombard. Buddy holds a multi-engine airplane license with 1,275 hours as a pilot in command, has had 29 years of experience with balloons, and has logged an additional 4,660 hours as a commercial balloon pilot.
For 11 years he was president of a highly successful 14,000 member travel organization, The Chalet Club, for which he created many elegant and unusual vacation ideas.

His background includes training as a photographer, glider pilot and scuba instructor, with extensive experience in river running, skiing and yachting. During 22 years of active sailing, he completed two transatlantic crossings in small sailing yachts and served as a first string crew member during four America's Cup races aboard Vim, Weatherly, Constellation and Intrepid.

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